Our History

101_0855Three generations of Bechtholds have depended on tractors to farm here in California. In fact, historical tractors have always been a part of the Bechthold story.

101_0837The first tractor that Bill Bechthold, Jr.’s grandfather bought was a Cletrac. That was when they stopped using horses for farming. Bill’s father (Bill Sr.) grew up with Cletrac tractors and all of his aunts and uncles farmed with them.

Bill Sr. loved tractors so much, he ended up working as a shop manager in Stockton for Cletrac. When he decided to go into farming instead of working for someone else, everyone in the area began asking him to help with their Cletrac tractors. In 1952, Bill Sr. became the local dealer for Oliver Corporation (which had acquired Cletrac).

The tractor history lives on with Bill Jr., who currently owns Bechthold Tractor, and enjoys working on and refurbishing tractors and farm equipment—new, old and historical.